Friday, June 13, 2014

Teasers: Going Under and Shallow by Georgia Gates

Claire Deveraux’s POV
     He leans away so he can see my face. “I haven’t heard this song in a long time. What’s the name of it?” 
     “‘Kiss Me.’” I know it like the back of my hand. I’ve listened to it a million times. 
     “I thought you’d never ask.” He releases my hand and waist and places both palms on my face. He pulls me closer for our first kiss but doesn’t start at my lips. He teases me first, trailing his lips along my neck below my ear. My whole body tingles. I breathe deeply, lightheaded as he moves lower on my neck and then around to the other side.  
     When he finishes torturing me, he moves his mouth across my jaw toward my lips. Even his breathing has deepened. 
     But it’s my turn to torment him. 
     I tease him, pulling my mouth just out of reach each time he advances. He groans after several attempts and suddenly tugs me so close I can’t escape. And I don’t want to. 
     His mouth claims mine, and I allow him. He tastes minty, not a trace of smoke, and I’m surprised. I smile against his lips when he stops. “You tricked me. You said you wouldn’t kiss me until I asked you to.” 
     “‘Kiss me.’ Those were your words. I was only doing what you told me since I know a princess can throw a fit when she doesn’t get her way.” 
     We’re still standing in the middle of the field so I walk backward, pulling him with me until we’re at his truck, my back pressed against the door. “Now I’m telling you to do it again.” 
     He kisses my forehead and each of my cheeks before finally getting to my mouth. 
     He deepens our kiss and takes my breath away. My head spins as I wrap my arms around his shoulders and squeeze tightly. I yank his body hard against mine, crushing my breasts against his chest. I lift my chin, giving him full access to my neck. 
     The way he makes me feel is insane, like I would let him do anything he wants to me in this moment. I’ve never felt anything like this in my life. 
     “Claire, I need a minute.” 
     He steps away and runs his hands through his hair. He takes a deep breath and then blows it out slowly. 
     “Are you okay?” 
     He’s standing several feet away with his fingers laced over the top of his head, looking up at the night sky. “Yeah, but you may not be if we don’t stop now.” 
     His words spark an excitement in me because I understand his meaning. He wants me. Bad. And I realize I don’t want to be okay if it means he’s going to stop here. 

Payton Archer’s POV
     “Okay, if you say ...” That’s all I get out because Nick grabs the back of my neck and pulls me toward him, stretching halfway for a kiss. He presses his lips against mine and a fire rages that has nothing to do with the aftermath of pepper spray.
     I open my mouth a little and he slides his tongue in between my teeth to tease me so I’ll open wider. He slides up to sit and turns his head to the side so his tongue can join mine in a romantic waltz. He tastes like mint with a hint of spice, sort of like pepper. The realization makes me smile and I feel him grin against my mouth.
     His hands are on each side of my face and I revel in the moment. It’s the kind of kiss I’ve always longed for. It’s perfect in all ways but one. He’s a total player.
     A car starts outside and I jerk away. Must be his dad. How did he get past us? I never even heard the door open.
     Nick holds my face and I can feel his breath against my lips. “I’ve gotta go. Your dad is waiting.”
     “He’ll wait,” he says breathlessly as he leans forward to possess my mouth again. I stop him by pressing my forehead to his.
     “It’s rude to keep him waiting.” He rubs his thumbs up and down my cheeks. “Can I call you tomorrow?”
     I don’t respond. I only nod and he smiles because it’s the answer he wants. I halfway expect—and maybe even hope—he’ll pull me in for another kiss. He doesn’t, so I walk out the front door without looking back. I’m afraid I’ll run back for more if I do.

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